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Who is Adem Kose?

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First years

Adem Köse was born in 1984 in Bayburt. After finishing primary school in Bayburt, he completed his secondary education at Bayburt Health Vocational High School. Due to the outstanding effort and success he showed in his education life, he was entitled to enter the Sivas Cumhuriyet University Vocational School of Health Services First and Emergency Aid Program without an exam. He completed his undergraduate education as a First and Emergency Aid Technician (Paramedic) in 2005.


Adem Köse started his career by working in many branches and in different provinces under the Ministry of Health. Köse, who gave importance to his professional development while he continued to work within the Ministry of Health, continued his career with firm steps by increasing his vocational training and research in 2008. Köse continued his professional education and research in the Netherlands, Germany and Saudi Arabia between 2011-2014 and participated in many surgical procedures abroad.
Köse established Hair of Istanbul, of which he was a founding partner, in 2015, making it one of Turkey’s most important and large companies providing services in the field of health tourism. Providing service in the field of hair transplantation, Hair of Istanbul continues to serve in the world and in Turkey.
Adem Köse, who is interested in sports, became a member of the Turkish Youth and Sports Confederation in 2007. He performed voluntary services on behalf of the Turkish Youth and Sports Confederation in many fields such as sports, arts and social services in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. In 2021, he was appointed to the Istanbul Provincial Presidency of the Youth and Sports Confederation. Köse, who successfully served as the provincial head, resigned from his duty by requesting his dismissal from the Istanbul Provincial Presidency in 2022 due to the intensity of his professional development and services in the field of health.
Köse, one of the founding members of Hair of Istanbul in 2015; He performed more than 20,000 operations in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey. Köse, who is an expert in the field of hair transplantation, has trained specialists in the field of hair transplantation by providing opportunities for many young health personnel. In addition to his personal development, he made important contributions to the health sector with the health personnel he trained.
Adem Köse continues his surgical studies and management of the Hair of Istanbul brand he founded. He is the chairman of the board of directors of KUMHA media and a member of the board of directors of ATAÇ-DER.

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